Raindrops Tech Ltd. is a professional, full service IT Solutions Company, providing world-class product, services and solutions to diverse segments of the market helping customers in Bangladesh and overseas to overcome their challenges with the optimum use of technology. Raindrops Tech Ltd. supports all makes and brands of hardware as well as all operating systems and software It offers a wide spectrum of IT services including software development, web solutions, web hosting solutions, mobile applications, SMS services, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), software testing, consulting services, e-commerce development, e-education, website marketing, IT service management, offshore development center, IT resource support etc.

Raindrops Tech Ltd. has been designed for IT related business for home and export market. The project will take the advantage of vacuum there being no other such industry and will provide very good and reliable source for Domain Registration & Hosting Server, Website Design, E-commerce SOLUTIONS and Software Development.

The Government of Bangladesh has given utmost priority to the establishment of value added export oriented IT industries in Bangladesh to earn foreign exchange to cover up the balance of trade and balance of payment and for export promotion as well. The government has also declared IT sector as a ‘Trust Sector’ and offered fiscal incentives for promotion of this sector.

Raindrops Tech Ltd. team is always updated with current technology in practice worldwide along with backward support compatibility for existing clients.

Raindrops Tech Ltd. is willing to serve in any field of IT based on the social need. Currently the business is moving with the following service and looking forward to their expansion in near future.

Raindrops Tech Ltd. is one of the Leading IT Companies offering the Best Quality Website Design, Accounting Software & E-Commerce SOLUTIONS.